Baker, Ada


Collection date: Apr 1914

Area: Somerset - West

Ada Baker of Withypool (1897-1981): age 16, 1 song ‘Come all you worthy Christian Men’ (FT2908) on 26 Apr 1914: Sharp did not record the age of this singer but there was only one Ada Baker in Withypool village in 1901 and 1911. She may have been a carol singer to know this particular song. Ada Baker was born on 22/12/1897, daughter of James Baker, farmer at Batsom Farm, and his wife Mary (1901 census RG13/2266 f126 p2). Ada married a farmer Wilfred Williams April qr 1927 and lived at Stone Farm, Foxcombe. Ada Baker died October qr 1981 (reg Taunton vol 23 p1410).

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