This new website is not primarily about songs and tunes but about singers, musicians and dancers. You can find song information most easily at www.vwml.org (the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library in London). All Sharp's notebooks have been digitised and references in this new website are either to Sharp’s field notebooks or to his fair copy books, which are abbreviated to FT: Folk Tunes, FW: Folk Words, FDN:Folk Dance Notes. Go to www.vwml.org and click Browse Archives. Then select 'Sharp at Clare College' (for fair copy books) or 'Sharp at VWML' (for field notebooks). Files beginning CJS can be typed directly into search box.

In most cases it's helpful to jump straight to a particular song from the performer profile by clicking on the direct vwml link provided. To return to this website, simply close the Search window you opened.

It's neither practical nor sensible to provide bibliographies in this website for all the various avenues of folk research, so a few pointers only are given. But there are many references in the website to the Folk Music Journal, produced by EFDSS (The English Folk Dance and Song Society). Back issues can be read at www.jstor.org - just register and access editions absolutely free!