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Welcome to this one-stop website for all the singers, musicians and dancers who met Cecil Sharp, as he travelled around England collecting folk music and dance between 1903-23. You can read here about their lives. Over 700 individuals in hundreds of locations. They were working people – agricultural labourers, glovers, laundresses, sailors, shoemakers etc. Their stories should be told!

Sharp was a good oral historian who left us many statements and clues. His photos are reproduced here with the kind permission of the English Folk Dance and Song Society in London. Please dip into the rich social history of these pages!

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Books by Author David Sutcliffe

Cecil Sharp and the Quest for Folk Song and Dance

A new biography of Cecil Sharp, written by David Sutcliffe

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The Keys of Heaven - The Life of Revd Charles Marson

This is the first biography of the Revd Charles Marson.

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