Adams, Stephen


Collection date: Aug 1909

Area: Warwickshire

Stephen Adam(s) at Honington nr Armscote (1841-1918): age 68, 1 song on 16 Aug 1909 ‘I married a wife’ (FT2408): Sharp noted that Stephen was the parish clerk & sexton but called him ‘Adam’ whereas all censuses show ‘Adams’:

Stephen Adams was baptised on 26/12/1841 at Honington 3 miles SE of Armscote. He was the second son of William Adams, agricultural labourer and his wife Charlotte. On 3/11/1863 he married Ann Sharp, a widow (née Holtom). She was the older sister of singer Valentine Holtom. William and Ann had 8 children, 3 of whom died young. Stephen was an agricultural labourer all his life in Honington, though the 1901 census listed him as a ‘woodman on an estate’. His wife Ann died in Jan qr 1917 and he died in January qr 1918 (6d 952 age 76).

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