Barrett, Henry


Collection date: Apr 1908

Area: Gloucestershire

Henry Barrett at Randwick, Glos (1847-1922): age 61, 3 songs (FT1623-5) on 9 Apr 1908: Henry was baptised at Randwick (2 miles NW of Stroud) on 16/3/1847, 3rd child of Henry Barrett, plasterer and his wife Ann. On 25/12/1867 at Randwick he married Ellen Cratchley. Henry was a ‘cloth worker’ all his life and Ellen an occasional charwoman. They had 4 children but only one (George) survived into adulthood. Henry’s younger brother William lived with them for the final 20 years (1901 ref RG13/2434 f114 p16). Henry died January qr 1922 aged 77 and Ellen in January qr 1925.
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