Clifford, Shadrack


Collection date: Apr 1912

Area: Warwickshire

Shadrack Clifford of Darlingscott nr Armscote (1851-1927): age 61, 3 songs (FT2768-70) in April 1912: Shadrack Clifford was born October qr 1851 (11-393) and baptised on 1/2/1852 at Tredington church, son of John Clifford, labourer and his wife Anne. His first name was sometimes spelled with a final ‘k’ and sometimes a final ‘h’. He did indeed have 2 younger brothers called Meshach and Abednego.

He married Sarah Smith on 4/4/1874 at Tredington and they lived the rest of their lives at Darlingscott village. They had 9 children and Shadrack was an agricultural labourer all the time. He died October qr 1927 (5c 158 age 75).

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