Corbett, Henry

Also known as: Henry Cabet


Collection date: Apr 1909

Area: Gloucestershire

Henry Corbett at Snowshill, Glos (1849-1925): age 60, 4 songs 9 Apr 1909 + 4 songs 13 Aug 1909: Henry Corbett was baptised at Snowshill on 4/2/1849, 4th child of James Corbett, agricultural labourer and his wife Ann. James (b1812) had married Ann Oldaker from Stanway at Snowshill church on 13/10/1834. They were a long-lived couple, showing up in their 70s in the 1881 census and were always near their son Henry.

As a boy Henry lived next door to singer Caroline Aston (Hands) in the 1851 census and no doubt she recommended Sharp to visit Henry on the same day in 1909. The population of Snowshill in 1861 was only 235, a close-knit community.

On 29/4/1876 at Snowshill Henry married Mary Ann Tombs. She entered no parental details, as she was the illegitimate child of Jane Tombs of Stow workhouse and had been baptised Mary Ann Marshall (Tombs) on 7/11/1847 at Stow church. Henry was an agricultural labourer all his life in Snowshill. He and Mary Ann had no children. Henry died October qr 1925 (ref 6a 501).

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