Deane, Mrs


Collection date: Mar 1913

Area: Gloucestershire

Mrs Deane at Cheltenham, Glos: 1 tune FT2858 on 29 Mar 1913: Mrs Deane sang this Country dance air to Sharp but he failed to record her age and there were many ‘Mrs Deanes’ in Cheltenham at the time. Sharp noted that the dance tune was ‘always danced at Lord Hawke’s Xmas party’ (FT2858). Lord Hawke (1860-1938) was cricket captain of Yorkshire and England and seems to have had little connection with Cheltenham but no doubt had a London residence.

It’s possible that the singer was Mrs Ellen Deane (née Levien b1838), who married Henry Deane, a barrister. They lived in Cheltenham for 20 years (1901, 1911 censuses) but had previously lived in London and might have moved in the ‘right circles’. She died in 1921.

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