Dingle, John


Collection date: Aug 1904

Area: Devon

John Dingle at Lew Trenchard, West Devon (1830-1907): age 74, 9 songs over 3 visits - 12 Aug 1904 (at Lew Trenchard, Baring-Gould’s manor house); then 30 Dec 1904 and 12 Sept 1905 (at John’s home village of Coryton, 2 miles to the south): John Dingle was born c1830 at Lamerton, nr Tavistock, son of William Dingle, a labourer. He was a farm servant on a local farm at the age of 11.

He married Eliza Hobbs in July qr 1851 (ref Stoke Damerel 9-323). He and his new wife Eliza moved 6 miles north to Coryton village by 1871, where John remained as an agricultural labourer, raising a family of 6 children. John died in Jly qr 1907 (Tavistock ref 5b 203) aged 77.

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