Dingle, Mrs Eliza


Collection date: Dec 1904

Area: Devon

Mrs Eliza Dingle at Coryton, West Devon (1828-1912): age 76, 1 song 30 Dec 1904: Eliza’s song ‘True Lover’s farewell’ (FT463 Roud 422) was the third time Sharp had heard this beautiful song. Her tune was somewhat fragmentary and Sharp preferred to publish William King’s version from East Harptree (Apr 1904) in Folk Songs from Somerset vol 2 (song 39).

Eliza Hobbs was born c1828 in Bridestowe, 5 miles NE of Lew Trenchard, daughter of William Hobbs, quarryman and wife Elizabeth. She married (singer) John Dingle July qr 1851 (ref Stoke Damerel 9-323). In all censuses she is listed as ‘Eliza’ except 1891 where she was shown as ‘Elizabeth’. As stated above, she and husband John raised 6 children. She died in April qr 1912 aged 84 (ref 5b 437).