Dorling, John

Also known as: John Darling


Collection date: Sept 1911

Area: Cambridgeshire

John Dorling of Ely (1868-1933): age 43, 3 songs (FT2644-46) on 8 Sept 1911: Sharp’s handwriting looks like ‘Darling’ but it’s definitely ‘Dorling’:

John Dorling was born in July qr 1868 (Ely 3b 576), 2nd of 7 children of Robert Dorling, agricultural labourer and his wife Sarah. They lived at Prickwillow, 4 miles E of Ely. John married Sophia Matilda Barrett in October qr 1894 and they had 5 children but Sophia died in 1906. John was remarried in 1910 and his wife Victoria had one son by 1911 census. The 1921 census will have more information. John Dorling died in January qr 1933 aged 64 (Ely 3b775).

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