Eden, Mrs Horatia


Collection date: Aug 1910

Area: Yorkshire

Mrs Horatia Eden: was an intermediary who helped Sharp to obtain the Grenoside dance in August 1910: Horatia Gatty was born in Ecclesfield, South Yorks in 1846, 4th child of Rev Alfred Gatty and his wife Margaret. Her maternal grandfather had been chaplain to Horatio Nelson. Her sister-in-law was Florence Gatty, another helpful intermediary. Horatia married schoolmaster Thomas Bainbridge Eden in April qr 1889 (9c 334). They lived at Burgess Park, Hampstead, not far from Cecil Sharp.

He wrote to her on 11 July 1910, enquiring after ‘morris dances in your native village in South Yorkshire’. He said he had been tipped off by both Ralph Vaughan Williams and Nicholas Gatty (Horatia’s nephew). Quickly Sharp was put in touch with Horatia’s older brother Rev Reginald Gatty and his wife Florence in Hooton Roberts, nr Rotherham. They in turn contacted Mr Wragg, musician of the Grenoside troupe, who promised to get the dancers ready (see Sharp’s letter to Horatia Eden 24 August 1910).

The dance was collected and Sharp made sure to send Mrs Eden a copy of his book ‘The Sword Dances of Northern England’ (Book 1, 1911). She later assisted him with information about Flamborough and Sleights dances.

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