Davey, Edwin


Collection date: Aug 1906

Area: Somerset - Bridgwater Surrounds

Edwin Davey of Cannington (1830-1907): age 76, 1 song ‘Frog and Mouse’ (FT1035) on 17 Aug 1906: Sharp collected 4 versions of this song in Somerset, all with the refrain ’Heigh ho, says Anthony Rowley’ rather than the American version Froggie went a courtin’ (cf Burl Ives 1949).

Edwin Davey was baptised on 17/10/1830 at Cannington church, eldest son of James Davey, labourer and his wife Hannah. He married Ann Selina Coles at Cannington on 24/12/1858. He could not sign his name. They lived the rest of their lives in Cannington and raised 8 children. Edwin was always described as a shepherd or herdsman. Edwin died in March qr 1907 age 77 (ref 5c 261).

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