Fry, John


Collection date: Apr 1907

Area: Gloucestershire

John Fry at Tormarton, Glos (1826-1910): age 81, 4 songs (FT1297ff) 3 April 1907: Sharp probably cycled the 3 miles south from Old Sodbury to Tormarton to meet John Fry. John was born c1826 at Tormarton, son of Edward Fry, agricultural labourer and his wife Sarah. On 9/5/1857 he married Edith Bullock at Tormarton. Sadly Edith probably died in childbirth and was buried in Tormarton on 9/9/1858 aged 30. Her son Joseph survived but John Fry was on his own in the 1861 census and his little son must have been cared for elsewhere.

John Fry was remarried on 16/9/1865 to Jane Hart Hillier at Hilmarton church in Wiltshire (22 miles to the east). Son Joseph was restored to his father and the couple had 4 children together. John Fry was an agricultural labourer all his life, while Jane was a dressmaker. She died in October qr 1908 (ref 6a 140) and John died April qr 1910 aged 84 (6a 123).

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