Gill, Peter


Collection date: Apr 1912

Area: Gloucestershire

Peter Gill at Stroud workhouse, Glos (1834-1917): age 83, 4 songs FT2760ff on 2 Apr 1912: Peter’s version of ‘Dabbling in the Dew’ was published in the Journal of the Folk Song Society 4 (1913). Click on vwml link above. Peter Gill was baptised at Painswick church on 3/8/1834, 5th child of Levi Gill, weaver and his wife Mary. On 20/1/1857 he married Sarah Ann Gibbons at nearby Sheepscombe church.He could not sign his name. Sarah was the daughter of Fredk Gibbons, a shoemaker. They had 6 children and lived at Sheepscombe, Peter working as an agricultural labourer all the time.

After Sarah’s death in 1894, Peter clearly struggled and he was arrested for begging in Jan 1902 and sent to prison for a week. He went into the Stroud workhouse, where Sharp met him in 1912. Peter was buried back at Sheepscombe on 22/1/1917.

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