Hancox, James

Also known as: Hancocks, James


Collection date: Sept 1910

Area: Warwickshire

James Hancox at Tysoe (1831-1915): age 79, 1 morris tune ‘Balance in the Straw’ (FT2537) on 14 Sept 1910: Tysoe is 8 miles E of Armscote: Sharp wrote ‘Hancocks’ but absolutely all records show ‘Hancox’:

James Hancox was baptised at Tysoe church on 27/3/1831, 3rd of 11 children of Edward Hancox, stone mason and his wife Sarah. James also became a stone mason and married Sarah Ann Hancox on 13/10/1853 at Tysoe. They had 5 children and lived next door to Genty Phillips and her family for 40 years (see Genty Phillips profile). James was remarried to Jane Powell on 15/7/1874 at Tysoe. The 1901 census which shows both families is RG13/2947 f19 p12.

Tysoe is reputed to have had a morris side once – Keith Chandler quotes the Stratford-upon-Avon Herald newspaper report of 31 May 1912, which refers to memories of morris in the village (Gazetteer p232). James Hancox might therefore have been a dancer in the 1850s.

James died January qr 1915 aged 84 (Shipston 6d 1216).

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