Hathaway, Dennis


Collection date: Jan 1909

Area: Gloucestershire

Dennis (William) Hathaway at Chipping Campden (1867-1926): age 40, 12 Jan 1909: Sharp obtained 5 morris tunes from fiddler Dennis Hathaway (FT2047-51) in 1909 but returned on 30 April 1910 to watch the boys’ side that Hathaway had trained. See FT2477ff and Folk Dance Notes CJS2/11/1/137. Also see letter 1968 Don Ellis (a Campden dancer) to Maud Karpeles - https://www.vwml.org/search?q=MK/5/174&is=1 The 6 dances of the Chipping Campden morris men are not danced by any other sides, as this is their wish.

Dennis* William Hathaway was baptized 20/1/1867 at Condicote, eldest son of George Hathaway, carpenter and wheelwright, and his wife (Charlotte) Ann. George and Ann moved from Condicote to Chipping Campden in the 1880s. Dennis became a basket maker and married Esther Veal** January qr 1895 (Shipston 6d 725). They had 5 children and lived in Sheep St in Chipping Campden, two doors away from singer Mary Ann Clayton, who sang ‘The Holly and the Ivy’ to Sharp on 13 Jan 1909. Dennis died July qr 1926 (Shipston 6d 689) aged 59.

*His name was spelled with 2 'n's in all records.

**Esther Veale was born out of wedlock in July qr 1870, daughter of Mary Veale. She was baptised in Chipping Campden as Esther Louisa Taylor on 28/8/1870 but Mary Veale did not actually marry her common-law husband William Taylor until 26/1/1871. At her own marriage registration in 1895 Esther reverted to her birth name Veal (but no 'e').

See Keith Chandler 'Three Generations of Morris Dance Musicians at Chipping Campden' English Dance & Song Autumn 2000.

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