Pain, Henry


Collection date: Jan 1907

Area: Somerset - Bridgwater Surrounds

Henry Pain of Combwich (1856-1929): age 51, 2 songs 22 Jan 1907: a Henry John Payne was registered as born January qr 1856 (5c 468). Henry’s surname was spelled ‘Pain’ in 1901/1911 censuses. He was the 5th child of Abraham Payne, fisherman & boatman, and his wife Elizabeth. He lived for some years with his uncle Joseph Pain (and aunt Elizabeth) at the Ship Inn in Combwich. Joseph was the landlord there for decades. Henry worked as a brick labourer and also as a barman in the pub.

One of his songs ‘Come you fair maids of London’ (FT1222) is clearly a drinking song with chorus: ‘Here’s to you, love and to me, love and to all good-hearted souls Likewise to my jolly waterman in a full flowing bowl.’ Henry got married late in life, aged 58 on 28/5/1914 at Otterhampton to Ellen Silke, 57, spinster daughter of Henry Silke, sea captain. Henry died 1/1/1929.

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