Hughes, Mark


Collection date: Apr 1910

Area: Warwickshire

Mark Hughes at Honington, Warwicks (1847-1920): age 63, 2 songs (FT2475,6) on 29 April 1910: Sharp’s handwriting looks a bit like ‘Harrington’ (Northants) as the singer’s location but it’s definitely Honington (Warwicks). First there was no-one of that name in either the 1901 or 1911 census for ‘Harrington’; secondly Sharp was 50 miles to the North of Harrington on the day in question; thirdly there was a Mark Hughes with the correct age in ‘Honington’:

Mark Hughes was baptised on 14/3/1847 at Honington, youngest child of Henry Hughes, agricultural labourer and his wife Mary. He never married and worked his whole life as an agricultural labourer in Honington village. He died July qr 1920 (Shipston 6d 716).

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