Vellacott, James

Also known as: Mr Voolacott


Collection date: Sept 1906

Area: Somerset - West

Mr James Vellacott of Dulverton (1851-1911): 2 songs on 4 Sept 1906: Sharp has ‘Woolacott’ and ‘Voolacott’ but the actual name is Vellacott. James Vellacott was probably born in 1851 (no baptismal record found). In Dec 1882 he married Sarah Balsom (Dulverton 5c 599). They had 13 children. James was an agricultural labourer in 1881 and 1891 but in 1901 was a ‘timber drawer’ aged 50 at Rock Cottage, Dulverton (RG13/2266 f29 p15). James was buried at Dulverton 7/3/1911 aged 59.
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