Coles, John Henry


Collection date: Apr 1904

Area: Somerset - Hambridge & Westport

John Henry Coles of Hambridge (1879-1967): age 24, 1 song ‘Buttercup Joe’ (FT165) on 8 Apr 1904. John H Coles was born in Buckland St Mary in 1879 and in 1901 was living there as a blacksmith age 21 with his father John Coles (agricultural labourer) and mother Emily. In Jan qr 1902 he married Maud Ellen Reeks (born Studley Devon).

John moved to Hambridge in 1904, so he had only just arrived in the village when asked to sing! His daughter Olive was later baptised by Rev Marson (30/9/06) followed by son Jack (6/6/09). John set up his blacksmith business near the Hambridge brewery at Under Hill. He probably died June 1967 (ref 7c 423).

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