Nott, John

Also known as: John Knott


Collection date: Sept 1906

Area: Somerset - West

John Nott at Dulverton (1843-1934): age 64, 1 song ‘Hearty Good Fellow’ (FT1114) on 4 Sept 1906: Sharp wrote ‘Knott’ but throughout his life John used ‘Nott’.

He was baptised John Nott at Dulverton church on 23/4/1843, son of John Nott, labourer and wife Diana (née Quick). John Jr lost his mother in 1856, when she was only 46 and he only 13. His father did not remarry and raised 3 small children on his own.

John Jnr married Maria Steple on 17/7/1867 at Dulverton and they had 5 children. John could not sign his name in the wedding register. He was an agricultural labourer all his life. He and Maria were on their own in ‘New Buildings’, Dulverton for the 1901 census (RG13/2266 f37 p31). They were still together in 1911. John probably died 9/1934 (Dulverton 5c 272).

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