Trump, John


Collection date: Apr 1906

Area: Somerset - Bridgwater Surrounds

John Trump of North Petherton, 3 miles S of Bridgwater (1834-1907) age 73, 5 songs (FT902-6) on 18 Apr 1906: John Trump was baptised at Orchard Portman in Somerset on 28/12/1834, son of John Trump, agricultural labourer and wife Mary.

John left home to find work 10 miles to the north in North Petherton and married a local girl Jane Pollard on 8/4/1861. He could not sign his name. The couple had 4 children. In 1871 John was a labourer at the Gas Works in the town and did labouring work all his life. He probably died in Jly 1907 aged 73 (ref 5c 183) and Jane died the following year (ref 5c 221).

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