Ree, Joseph


Collection date: Sept 1905

Area: Somerset - Hambridge & Westport

Joseph Ree of Hambridge (1872-1951): age 33, 2 songs (FT647/8) on 9 Sept 1905: Joseph was a drayman at the brewery in Hambridge like his older brother William. He was born in June qr 1872, son of George and Caroline Ree. Sadly father George died just prior to Joseph's birth.

Joseph married Sarah Edmonds on 29/12/1892 at Hambridge. Sarah Edmonds was a cousin of John England, who witnessed the wedding. John England’s mother Mary Ann (nee Edmonds) was younger sister of John Edmonds, Sarah’s father. Joseph & Sarah Ree had no children of their own but adopted a niece Margaret Adams (b Aberdare). Joseph Ree died June qr 1951 age 79.

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