Thomas, Joseph

Also known as: Thomas Junior


Collection date: Aug 1906

Area: Somerset - Bridgwater Surrounds

Joseph Thomas of Cannington (1860-1929): age 46, 1 song on 8 Aug 1906: Joseph Thomas was the youngest son of James Thomas. Although his father had sung a version of ‘Sweet Nightingale’ (FT926) to Sharp in April 1906, son Joseph contributed his own version in August (FT975). There are only slight differences in the line – either a ‘third’ above or below each other, suggesting that the two men sang the song in harmony.

Joseph was baptised at Charlinch church on 2/2/1860 and he married Louisa Grant at Weston-super-Mare St John on 2/1/1881. He was a gardener and she was a domestic servant. Their eldest daughters became pupil teachers at Cannington. Joseph Thomas died 2/2/1929, leaving £390 (equivalent £25K today).

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