Keen, Mrs Mary Ann


Collection date: Aug 1910

Area: Warwickshire

Mary Ann Keen at Shipston workhouse: age 71, 1 song ‘Broken Token' (FT2501) on 9 August 1910 + 1 song ‘O Mark you kindly’ (FT2593) on 13/4/1911: Sharp first recorded her name as ‘Mrs Mary Kean’ and then as ‘Mrs Keen’. The 1911 census for Shipston workhouse has her as ‘Mary Ann Keen, age 71, fieldwoman, married 50 years with 7 children, one of whom died young (RG14/18865 p6). It says she was born in Evesham but does not say ‘widow’. Her husband is not in the workhouse. It has not yet proved possible to identify this person beyond doubt. It’s likely that Mary Ann died in 1916 (6d 1071) aged 76.

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