Burnett, Mary Ann

Also known as: Mrs Burnet


Collection date: Feb 1909

Area: Somerset - West

Mrs Mary Ann Burnett of Minehead (1827-1913): age 81, 1 song ‘Jan’s courtship’ (FT2091) was sent to Sharp by Rev Etherington) 1 Feb 1909: Mary Ann’s surname was consistently spelled with 2 ‘t’s but Sharp transcribed it with one ‘t’.

Mary Ann Graddon was baptised on 14/1/1827, daughter of Thomas Graddon, shoemaker and his wife Elizabeth. She went into service with the curate of Dulverton Rev Taylor in 1851 census but soon afterwards married John Reed Burnett, master mariner at Minehead church on 27/4/1852. They were married for nearly 60 years and had 7 children, 2 of whom died young.

While John Burnett was away at sea for the 1871 census, Mary Ann was listed as a ‘Grocer’ in Quay Street, Minehead. In 1881 John Burnett, aged 52 was running a Draper and Grocer’s shop in Quay St. He was still doing so in the 1901 census (RG13/2260 f41 p23). Two of his sons were involved in the business too. John died 23/3/1912, one month shy of their 60th wedding anniversary; then Mary Ann died 18 months later on 9/9/1913. Rev Frank Etherington - the vicar of Minehead, who sent Sharp Mary Ann’s song - was agent for the Shipwrecked Sailors Society in the town and perhaps came across John Burnett in that capacity. Etherington officiated at the burials of John and then Mary Ann (9/9/1913).

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