Bunston, Mary


Collection date: Jan 1904

Area: Somerset - Hambridge & Westport

Mary Bunston (1880-1952): age 24, 3 songs Jan 1904: Baptised Mary Male in Barrington on 22/2/1880, Mary was daughter of Henry (Brister) Male, flax worker. Her older brother Vincent (b1876) witnessed Mary’s wedding to George Bunston on 28/10/1902 in Hambridge church, officiated by Rev Marson. Mary at that time was a servant to Mr Edwin Wyatt at Hambridge Mills Brewery & Wines (RG13/2289 f16 p5). In 1911 census George & Mary Bunston were still in Hambridge with 4 young children, all baptised by Rev Marson. Over the years George Bunston was listed variously as a carter, dairyman, cowman, labourer and navvy (the latter in 1901 in Portland, Dorset). Mary Bunston probably died Sept 1952.

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