Morris, Mrs Ann


Collection date: Dec 1909

Area: Worcestershire

Mrs Ann Morris of Peopleton (1827-1912): Sharp interviewed Mrs Morris, ‘aged 85’, in September 1909 regarding what we now call the ‘Border Morris’ tradition in the village of Peopleton, 5 miles N of Pershore. In Folk Dance Notes vol1 p90 he noted that there were probably 8 dancers who performed at Xmas time when work was slack. They blacked their faces, wore shirts outside their clothes and wore ribbons, not bells round their knees. They wore trousers, not breeches and used sticks, occasionally handkerchiefs.

Ann Morris had lived nearly all her life in Peopleton. She was baptized Ann Hurdman on 26/8/1827, eldest daughter of Henry Hurdman, agricultural labourer and his wife Priscilla, a gloveress. Ann married Callow Morris, an agricultural labourer, in July qr 1852 and they remained in Peopleton, raising 6 children. When Callow Morris died, Ann went to live first with daughter Ann in nearby Pinvin village (1901) but returned to live with her other daughter Elizabeth back in Peopleton (1911). She died in October qr 1912 (6c 325).

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