Rawle, Mr

Also known as: George Rawle


Collection date: Feb 1908

Area: Somerset - West

George Rawle of Bossington nr Porlock (1848-1935): age 59, 1 song ‘Jan to Joan’ (FT1585): the song was sent to Sharp by Miss Priscilla Wyatt-Edgell in Feb 1908. Sharp's handwriting is unclear and it has been supposed that Mr Rawle was from Barrington in South Somerset but there was nobody of that name in Barrington, which was was miles away from Miss Wyatt-Edgell's home and sphere of influence (Exeter).

The singer is much more likely to be George Rawle from Bossington nr Porlock in West Somerset. Miss Wyatt-Edgell was friends with the daughters of Rev Walter Hook, rector of Porlock, who officiated at George Rawle's marriage to Sarah Ann Dyer on 25 May 1884. Walter Hook's son Arthur James (b1877) was later ordained and followed Rev Marson as vicar of Hambridge between 1914-20 and was a keen folk revivalist (see CJS1/12/21/9/5 at vwml).

George Rawle was baptised 12/11/1848 at Stoke Pero, nr Porlock. He was an agricultural labourer and a carter. He and Sarah Ann had 2 children. He is recorded in Bossington in 1901 census (RG13/2261 f25 p20): ‘age 51, widower, carter on farm’. He had recently lost his wife Sarah Ann. He died April qr 1935 Williton 5c 298.

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