Stanley, Mr Thomas


Collection date: Jan 1908

Area: Somerset - Bridgwater Surrounds

Mr Thomas Stanley at Spaxton: 1 song 9 Jan 1908: Mr Stanley’s song ‘Rock a Down Romanish’ (FT1566) contains a lot of Romany words and Sharp did his best to provide a translation. The entry in the Field Notebook (Words) is at CJS1/9/1/1908/1 p33 but gives no further clues as to Thomas’ background. A Thomas Stanley of the right sort of age can be found in the 1881 census at Halwell, Devon (RG11/2179 f66 p7). He is a ‘travelling gipsy’, 24 and single, born in Taunton (c1857) and is living in a caravan with his parents Richard and Ellen Stanley. Further research required.
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