Warren, Mr


Collection date: Aug 1905

Area: Somerset - Yeovil & Crewkerne

Mr Warren of Haselbury Plucknett (1849-1934): age 55, 2 songs on 23 Aug 1905: This singer is probably Noah Warren. Sharp gives us no age and just says ‘Warren’ and ‘Mr Warren’. Noah Hutchins Warren was baptised on 28/10/1849 in Haselbury Plucknett church, son of Thomas Warren (labourer) and Sarah. In 1861 Thomas Warren has taken his wife and 6 children to Chard where he learns to be a ‘twine spinner’. From the 1820s Chard was a centre for lace making and related skills. Thomas returned to Haselbury Plucknett by 1871 where he was listed as a ‘twine finisher’ with his wife and two of his children (including Noah) working as web weavers.

Noah married Ellen Oborne on 11/4/1872 in Haselbury Plucknett and they had 4 children. In 1881 Noah was a labourer in a rope & twine yard and in 1891 he was a coachman & gardener. In 1901 he was aged 50, a gardener (RG13/2297 f64 p12). It is possible (but unlikely) that Sharp’s singer was Noah’s father Thomas Warren. He would have been 88 at that time and he died the next year 12/4/1906. Noah himself died Dec 1934 Yeovil 5c 403.

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