Parsons, Mrs Elizabeth


Collection date: Aug 1905

Area: Somerset - Yeovil & Crewkerne

Mrs Elizabeth Parsons of Marston Magna, 5 miles N of Yeovil (1827-1907): age 78, 1 song (FT522) on 5 Aug 1905: Elizabeth was baptised on 16/3/1827 at St Cuthbert Wells, daughter of John Sansom (gardener) and Anne. On 1/5/1855 at Ilchester church Elizabeth, aged 28, a seamstress, married John Evans, 29, labourer of Limington (1 mile east of Ilchester). They were in Limington in 1861, John a brewer’s labourer, Elizabeth a glover. They had 4 children but John died in 1867.

In 1871 Elizabeth was a laundress and eldest child Emily, 15 a pupil teacher. Elizabeth married again on 22/3/1881 in Marston Magna church to Edward Parsons, 71 a widower and retired servant. They were together in the Almshouses in Marston Magna but Edward died in 1893 and Elizabeth stayed on in the Almshouse, passing away 10 Oct 1907. 1901 census ref RG13/2300 f54 p9.

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