Pople, Mrs Jane


Collection date: Aug 1908

Area: Somerset - Bridgwater Surrounds

Mrs Jane Pople of Brent Knoll (1828-1914): age 81, 1 song ‘Jan’s Courtship’ (FT1758) on 5 Aug 1908: Mrs Pople told Sharp that she had learned this song ‘more than 40 years ago’. Jane Lawrence was baptised at Catcott on 27/1/1828, daughter of John Lawrence, saddler and his wife Livia. On 6/2/1853 she married James Pople, agricultural labourer then gardener. They lived in Catcott all their married life but had no children.

Jane was a dressmaker for over 40 years and was joined in this by her sister Mary Ann Lawrence, who lived with them for 20 years. When her husband James died in 1903, Jane went to live with her niece Beatrice Griffith (née Lawrence), who was a teacher in Brent Knoll (RG14/14573 sch 27). Jane died January qr 1914 aged 86.

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