Murphy, John


Collection date: Oct 1908

Area: London

John Murphy at Marylebone workhouse (c1841-?): age 67, 28 songs over several visits commencing 2 Oct 1908, clearly a fine singer: John Murphy was born in Tipperary, Ireland but was brought over to England as a baby. He did marry an Irish wife but they separated. He said he had lived the last 45 years in Marylebone parish.

John was in the Marylebone workhouse in the 1911 census (RG14/557 p34) aged 72 an ‘iron moulder’ and it may be him in the 1901 workhouse census also (RG13/109 f96 p42), aged 62 a ‘coachman’. In 1881 a John Murphy aged 38, single, a marble polisher, was lodging at Molyneux St in Marylebone, while in 1871 there was a John Murphy from Tipperary with an Irish wife Bridget and young son William in Horace St, Marylebone. These last two are tenuous links. It's not known when he died.

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