Newsham, Elizabeth


Collection date: Oct 1908

Area: London

Elizabeth Newsham at Marylebone workhouse: age 72, 2 songs ‘Golden Glove’ FT1972 on 16 Oct then ‘Jack the Sailor’ FT1996 on 29 Oct 1908: Sharp’s handwriting implies that Elizabeth was a married woman but the 1911 workhouse record clearly listed her as ‘single, a dressmaker’ (RG14/557 p76):

Elizabeth was probably born 2/1/1837 and then baptised at St James Paddington on 28/5/1837, daughter of Richard Newsham and his wife Ann. In all censuses Elizabeth indicated that she was born in Paddington. Richard Newsham was a plasterer and in the 1851 census he and his 5 children were at Walmer St, Marylebone. In 1861 they were at John Street, Elizabeth being described as 24, an invalid. In 1871 she was still at home, aged 33, a needlewoman. Details of her life leading up to admission to the workhouse and of her subsequent demise are yet to be confirmed.

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