Peirson, Bill


Collection date: Jul 1913

Area: Yorkshire

Bill Peirson of Goathland sword dance: The sword dance air ‘No Man’s Jig’ (FT2872) was sung to Sharp on 14 July 1913 by a ‘Mr Pearson’ (mis-archived as by ‘Mrs’ Pearson). Pearson or Peirson was a common local surname but in his field notebook (words) 1913/2 p36 Sharp made a note ‘Pearson Julian Park’ and this is most probably the informant we need. In the 1911 census William Peirson (slightly different spelling of surname) was indeed residing at Julian Park (an outlying property in the adjacent parish of Egton). He was a farmer, aged 67, born and raised in Goathland.

William Peirson was born in Goathland in the January qr 1844, second son of James Peirson, farmer of 23 acres, and his wife Sarah. In the 1871 census (about the time when the Goathland dance ceased) William Peirson was aged 27, a bachelor, working with his father at Summerholm Farm in Goathland. In April 1877 he married Elizabeth Ann Readman (9d 723) and they had 7 children, 2 of whom died young. William was at Julian Park in the 1901 census (ref RG13/4558 f41 p3) and again in 1911 (Egton District 7 schedule 56). In the 1921 census William is a 'retired farmer, aged 77', living with his wife Elizabeth on his son Thomas's farm (Church Farm, Goathland).

William Peirson probably died 3/3/1923 and is buried at Goathland but local sources may clarify this. See also profile of John Hill.

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