Powell, John


Collection date: Dec 1909

Area: Worcestershire

John Powell of Peopleton: Sharp interviewed Powell, ‘aged 80’, in September 1909 regarding what we now call the ‘Border Morris’ tradition in the village of Peopleton, 5 miles N of Pershore. John Powell lived all his life in Peopleton and told Sharp that the village men had ceased dancing about 20 years ago (c1890) but that some boys continued dancing at Xmas. The men had also danced at Xmas ‘especially when out of work’. He confirmed that they blacked their faces. Sharp noted no tunes nor dance figures. See Folk Dance Notes 1/91.

John Powell was born c1830 and appeared in the 1841 and 1851 censuses for Peopleton with his widowed mother Sarah, as if perhaps he were an only child. In the April qr 1851 he married Susan Huband and they raised 6 children. John was an agricultural labourer and then a gardener. Susan was a gloveress. His date of death is to be confirmed.

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