Sorby, Rev John Archibald


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Area: Somerset - Bridgwater Surrounds

Rev John Archibald Sorby (b1862) was the Rector of Enmore between 1904-1911 and often accommodated Sharp in his 14-room Rectory. He had been a contemporary of Sharp’s at Clare College Cambridge but they had lost touch until Sharp delivered a lecture at Bridgwater c1905 (Kitty Sorby letter to Karpeles CJS1/13/1/10/17). John Sorby was a friend of Rev Warren, curate of Bridgwater, with whom Sharp used to stay. In fact Sorby was best man at Rev Warren’s wedding in 1909 (Shepton Mallet Journal 15/5/1909). John Sorby never married and, after several clergy postings, died on 23/5/1922 aged 60. Sharp acknowledged Sorby’s help in the preface of Folk Songs from Somerset vol 3.
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