Gummer, Sally


Collection date: Jul 1904

Area: Somerset - Hambridge & Westport

Mrs Sally (Sarah) Gummer of Hambridge (1848-1929): age 55, 3 songs (FT223-5) on 27 July 1904: Sally was born Sarah Best in 1848 in Shepton Beauchamp, daughter of William Best, labourer. Her father died in 1853 and Sarah was one of 4 children brought up single-handedly by her mother Mary Ann. Sarah was a glover at age 12 (in 1861 census) and her brother Edward, aged only 10, was listed as an agricultural labourer. They took in a lodger to help finances.

On 3/3/1868 Sarah married George Gummer, labourer at Shepton Beauchamp church. George could not sign his name (and still could not sign his name in the 1911 census 40 years later). The couple lived initially at Odcombe nr Yeovil but moved to Hambridge by 1881 census. They had 13 children, 2 of whom died young. George Gummer worked steadily at Hambridge as a labourer, dairyman and shepherd. He died in 1924. Rev Marson officiated at Sally’s daughter’s wedding at Hambridge (Ellen Gummer 19/5/1904) and just 2 months later she sang her 3 songs to Sharp. Sally Gummer died in 1929, aged 81.

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