Every, Sam

Also known as: Sam Evry


Collection date: Aug 1908

Area: Somerset - North West inc Clevedon

Sam Every at Bleadon (1837-1917): age 73, 1 song ‘Gently Johnny my Jingalo’ (FT1776) on 7 Aug 1908: Samuel Avery was baptised on 6/8/1837 at Bleadon church, 2nd son of Samuel Avery Snr, lime burner and his wife Betsey. From then on, with the sole exception of the 1901 census (Avery), Samuel’s name was always spelled ‘Every’. For example, his marriage entry says ‘Samuel Every, 23, labourer, marrying Sarah Ann Wolfe, 21, daughter of James Wolfe, glazier’ at Uphill church 19/11/1859. Neither could sign their names. They had 10 children but lost 1.

Sam was a quarryman for 30 years but was listed in the 1901 census as ‘Samuel Avery, 60, agricultural labourer’ and Sarah Ann, 55 as a ‘market woman’. Samuel Every’s death was registered at Axbridge January qr 1917, aged 80 (5c 750).

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