Stafford, William


Collection date: May 1909

Area: Rutland

Wiliiam Stafford at Greetham (1846-1919): age 63, 3 songs (FT2201-03) on 7 May 1909:

William Stafford was born at Empingham, 6 miles E of Oakham, in October qr 1846 (register ref 15-670). He was the 3rd  of 10 children of William Stafford Snr, stone mason and his wife Mary Ann. On 15/4/1868 at Greetham he married Mary Norris and they spent the rest of their lives at Greetham. They raised 6 children, living mostly at Pond Lane in the village. William was a stone mason like his father. He died in April qr 1919 (Oakham 7a 334).

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