Swallow, Mr Thomas

Collection date: Aug 1909

Area: Gloucestershire

Thomas Swallow of Guiting Power, Glos (1873-1945): age 36, 2 fiddle tunes (Country dances with full figures) on 2 August 1909: The 2 tunes were ‘The Swedish Dance’ and ‘The Butterfly Dance’ (FT2240-41). Sharp did not give the age of the fiddler but we can presume it was Thomas Swallow, born 5/5/1873 and baptised at Naunton 1/6/1873. He was son of John Swallow, beerhouse keeper and his wife Jane. Thomas became a threshing machine engine driver and married Mary Elizabeth Yeates at Guiting Power on 26/10/1893. They had 7 children, one of whom died young. Thomas died 26/1/1945 at Cheltenham.
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