Vallance, John

Also known as: John Valence


Collection date: May 1911

Area: Nottinghamshire

John Vallance at Retford Union workhouse (1836-1911): age 80, 2 songs (FT2606,8) on 1 May 1911: In the 1911 census for the workhouse (RG14/20194 p5) John Vallance was listed as age 79, former shoemaker, born at Ordsall, Notts. Sharp wrote ‘John Valence’ but the censuses consistently have ‘Vallance’:

John Vallance was baptised at Ordsall on 4/12/1836, son of Robert Vallance, shoemaker and his wife Harriet. John married Hannah Lidgett in April qr 1858 (ref 7b 21). They had 4 children. John lived his whole life in Ordsall and the couple went into the Retford workhouse together. John died January qr 1915 aged 83 (ref 7b 11).   

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