Gard, William


Collection date: Aug 1905

Area: Somerset - West

William Gard of Williton (1826-1908): age 82, 1 song 'Poor old horse' (FT569) on 17 Aug 1905: William Gard was baptised on 3/12/1826 at Old Cleeve church, son of John Gard, labourer, and Harriet. On 10/4/1851 he married Sarah Babbage, daughter of Richard Babbage, yeoman at Upton church (12 miles south of Williton). They had 4 children and lived at Sampford Brett, 2 miles east of Williton.

Sarah died in 1879 and William Gard continued as an agricultural labourer in the village, lodging or boarding with others until he entered the Williton workhouse, where Sharp found him. William died there in 1908 (buried 10/3/1908 Sampford Brett aged ‘83’).

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