Pool, William

Also known as: WS Poole


Collection date: Sept 1906

Area: Somerset - West

William Pool at Chipstable (1821-1907): age 86 1 song ‘Girls, mind this when you marry’ (FT1112) 4 Sept 1906: When Sharp wrote ‘Mr’ or just gave initials for a singer, it usually indicated a person of substance. Sharp in fact got the initials wrong for this gentleman, for it is actually William Henry Pool (no ‘e’). There were no other ‘Pools’ in the village.

In 1901 census William was aged 80, an agricultural machinist (employer). He was a widower and had the support of his son, also called William Henry, a mechanical engineer. William Snr was baptised on 4/3/1821 in nearby Wiveliscombe, son of Samuel Pool, blacksmith and his wife Matty (?). William worked initially as a carpenter, then a wheelwright. He married Emma Surridge at Chipstable church on 13/7/1848 and they had 3 children. William lived at Elms Green in Chipstable for over 40 years and obviously set up a decent business, employing 1 or 2 servants at every census. The song he sang sounds rather trite and was found nowhere else in the county (Roud 13285: click on vwml link). William was buried at Chipstable on 23/3/1907.

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