Wixey, Mrs Ann


Collection date: Apr 1909

Area: Gloucestershire

Mrs (Ann) Wixey at Buckland, Glos (1819-1910): age 90, 3 songs 6 Apr 1909: The 3 songs (FT2118-20) include an interesting version of ‘Geordie’. In his field notebook (Tunes CJS1/9/2/1909/3 p1) Sharp recorded the singer’s name as Mrs Ann Wixey, aged 90.

She was baptised Ann Tandy at Buckland church on 22/1/1819, daughter of Joseph Tandy, labourer and his wife Mary. Buckland is just 1 mile west of Broadway. On 22/11/1845 Ann married Thomas Best, labourer at Buckland church. They had 2 children, Thomas and Mary Ann but Thomas Senior was absent in both the 1851 and 1861 censuses (working away?). Ann was recorded as ‘married’ rather than ‘widow’ on both occasions. Thomas’s death is not traced yet but Ann Best (‘widow’) was remarried to Henry Wixey, widower on 31/7/1869 at Buckland. She was 50. By happy arrangement her daughter Mary Ann Best was married on the same day in Buckland to Henry Irish, labourer.

When her new husband Henry Wixey died in 1899, Ann went to live in Buckland with her daughter Mary Ann, her husband Henry Irish and their son Henry Jr (RG132457 f85 p3). Ann Wixey was buried at Buckland on 13/10/1910 aged 92.

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