Alcock, Joseph


Collection date: Sept 1922

Area: Oxfordshire

Joseph Alcock at Sibford Gower (1844-1925): age 78, 15 songs on 15/17 Sept 1922 FT4908ff: Sibford Gower is a village 6 miles W of Banbury and 9 miles W of Adderbury. Sharp thought it was in Warwickshire but it is just inside Oxfordshire. Joseph Alcock lived his whole life in Sibford Gower and could just recall a morris side there c1850. 

Joseph Alcock was baptised on 13/10/1844 at Sibford church, 3rd child of Decimus Alcock, labourer and his wife Elizabeth. He never married and lived always with his older brother William. They were both agricultural labourers. He died October qr 1925 (Banbury 3a 1307).

Note: Miss Janet Blunt possibly accompanied Sharp on part of this collecting visit, as his handwriting of the tunes of ‘Seeds of Love’ and ‘Green Bushes’ can be found in her manuscript JHB/8/7a alongside ‘The Three Cripples’ sung by Fred Webb of Bloxham on the same day.

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