From 1908 onwards Sharp visited Oxfordshire many times, primarily to recover morris tunes and dances from surviving dancers. Often with help from others, he was able to reconstruct 11 different 'traditions' (in date order): Headington Quarry; Bampton; Eynsham; Abingdon; Ducklington; Fieldtown; Ascot-under-Wychwood; Bucknell; Adderbury; Wheatley; and Kirtlington. From October 1910 he was in tense competition with Clive Carey of the Esperance Guild for morris discoveries.

In addition Sharp met 21 singers in Oxfordshire - most notably Shadrach ('Shepherd') Haden who alone sang 27 songs.

Useful starting points for modern folk in Oxfordshire: try https://folkinoxford.co.uk and any of the morris organisations (Morris Ring, Morris Federation and Open Morris).