Bould, Henry


Collection date: Dec 1911

Area: Shropshire

Henry Bould of Donnington Wood: age 69,  4 songs on 19 December 1911:

Sharp had already visited Donnington Wood, nr Lilleshall 2 months previously (see Sam Bradley profile) and was obviously in contact with Mr Walter Perry, the elementary school teacher in the village - perhaps Sharp stayed at the school house. Walter Perry was aged 38 with a young family but he had taken over his post from his father Isaac Perry, who was village teacher in Donnington Wood for 35 years and was also the organist at St Matthew’s Church. Walter Perry (see separate profile) would thus have had the knowledge to point Sharp towards a large number of singers like Henry Bould.

Henry Bould was baptised at Lilleshall church on 11/9/1842, 3rd of 7 children of Thomas Bould, coal miner and his wife Elizabeth. The family always lived at Donnington Wood. Henry married Mary Bailey in October qr 1865 and they continued to live in Donnington Wood, raising 9 children to adulthood. Henry was a coal miner and even at age 68 was listed in the 1911 census as ‘coal miner, setter of timbers’. He died on 8/1/1929 at Donnington Wood.

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